Relationships of Married couples in our Society

Married Couples should behave with each other like wonderful partners not like adversaries. How is disgusting as one relation which come into being by the will of Allah for goodness but has changed into deception, contention and humiliation. Is this a good purpose of being married? Off course, not. They must be live gladly and cheerfully and should never complain with each other over small problems.

Muslims are never taken as dictators and oppressor especially when it comes about married couples lives. It strictly applies to husbands as they must treat their wives nicely and softly without feeling any extra burden on themselves. They definitely follow the rules of our religion and must show oneness in their decisions. It clears as we should involve our life partners in our decisions.

By adopting this pattern of life, it will create harmony in married couples’ lives and doing this act, wives will consider themselves a useful part of husbands’ families. Husbands should also consider their wives desires they must give them gifts of jewelry sets, diamond necklace, diamond rings, ear rings or anything else which they want.

On the other hand, wives also must consider the economic conditions of their husbands as this relations does not belongs this materialistic thins like diamond necklace, jewelry sets, ear rings or diamond rings. Married couples relation is more than it which has its own worth with special essence.

Holy Quran says about the married couples as Allah conjoin both of you to live in tranquility with each other and Allah has also placed mercy and love in married couple hearts. Prophet Muahammad (PBUH) also says in this matter and says those people would be taken as best in their faith who will have excellent behavior towards their wives.Given footage also illustrating about the lives of married couples in which one renowned scholar is telling how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to behave with their wives in his era. According to him, Prophet Muhammad was very kind towards their wives and always had very soft corner in their hearts for their wives.


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