Relations of husband and wife in Religion Islam

There is only little percentage of people in the world who cannot get the state of couples. Couples mean the relation of husband and wife that one can see in every stage of his life in his society. Very wonderful relation is this and nobody can refuse the importance of it in society. Even in ancient times, marriages were being organized to make couples for the future of their cultures.

In current era, people are again coming to this myth and accepting the reality of marriages after getting punishment adopting other ways to fulfill their desires. Mostly the people of Western countries did not accept the reality of married-couples lives. They preferred to have extramarital relations just to fulfill their desires. But after scientific proves, they had to accept the worth of marriages.

Big cities of Western Countries like London, New York and many more have numbers of disco clubs and hotels which provide them their desired luxuries. Even today numbers of hotels in London and in New York are present who are still busy to provide facilities for these activities. By adopting this style, the generation of western countries going to be spoiled and governments are trying their best to prevent it.

Even Muslim families who are well established in London and New York or any other cities of western countries around the world are very upset about their children. As in those cultures, there is no bad thing to have extramarital relations but Islam does not allow to its believers for this. Islam gives a proper and appropriate way of life and also describes the relations of male and female after having marriage ceremony.

Given video also relates to this issue and tells how the couples should spend their live after wedding ceremony. Islam provides the rules for couples for their private life. Even it describes at what time couples must come closer to fulfill the desires. Islam also suggest to both before starting any personal activities. Couples must be agreed for that otherwise it may not useful for both according to Islam.

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Muslims of Sub-Continent are started to adopt the western cultures at some level not overall and the problems are also welcoming to those families regarding marriages point of view. It is very lethal considerations about marriages whenever the boy will not able to earn he will never have his marriage ceremony. So please stop these thinking at culture level and start to obey Islamic rules to prosper our societies and families.

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