Reham Khan uses Facebook to deliver Important message

Reham Khan used a medium of facebook to deliever message for her well wishers who wanted to know about her and her family status. She tells about her personal in this video message and tries to give appropriate answers for revolving questions which are arising from the day first when she joined media group in Pakistan.

Reham Khan is a renowned journalist who has been a reporter of one of private channel in United Kingdom and used to deliver weather report on that channel. She chose the medium of facebook as she knew very well about its worth. She knows very well people have more flexibility towards social media rather than other media resources.

She becomes celebrity and more popular than before when she becomes wife of Imran Khan and people started to love her and stop to criticize her. Now she was started to criticize politically, in other words she was remained criticized but by another community people which had professional jealousy with Imran Khan and his party.

Talking about her family background, she was born in Libya in 1973 where her parents were moved in 1960s. Her family belongs to Pashtun tribe which has name Lughmani that is sub clan of Swati tribe. She has two siblings with one brother and one sister. She completed her study by getting bachelor degree in media sector from one of United Kingdom’s college.

When decided to marry with Imran Khan she started to face many questions about her originality. Even her ex-husband started to blame her at her character, then she came on came media in one of famous show and told the reality of her separation from her ex-husband. But it was the only one interview when she spoke about her life and waited for good time and now she came again on social media and told about family status.

During describing herself, she started with this as she does not like to say herself as an analyst, journalist or working women. She cleared on all of us she likes to be called as house wife or mother. Giving message on facebook she told her family status in her family which is just as “aunty” as her whole niece and cousin’s children called her aunty and she likes this status in her family.

Reham Khan tells about herself

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