Reham Khan Delivers Message on Facebook

Reham Khan delivers message for the first time on facebook about her personal life after her marriage. Reham Khan is very famous journalist who has offered her duties for private news channel in United Kingdom in weather broadcast department. Reham Khan become very popular and has becomerity after getting marriage with Imran Khan, the chairman person of PTI.

Talking about her life, she was born in April 1973 and belongs to an ethnic Pashtun tribe with the name of Lughmani, a sub clan of Swati tribe. In late 1960s, her parents were moved to Libya and she was born there. She has two siblings, one sister and one brother. She has bachelor degree in Journalism which she got from North Lindsay College.

According to her, she faced many hardships in order to get her higher studies and she had to work at two different jobs. Talking about her personal life, she was married at the age of 19 with her first cousin who was British psychiatrist. Right now, she is a mother of three children and living with her since divorce. She also told the reason of separation from her first husband as she said she was faced domestic violence from her husband side.

When she was again married with Imran Khan she had to face many questions about her identity and many more but she did not answer of any question and waited for suitable time. Now she selected the social media in the form of facebook and delivered the message about her identity. She tried to fulfill to all people in her message.

According to Reham Khan which was also accused of agent of any other country, she said she would like introduce herself only as a mother. She would not like to introduce herself as analyst, journalist or working woman. She further explains as her whole family has seen her in the form of mother and she also likes it so much.

She said before getting married and mother, she had very close with her sister’s children and they all called her aunty. She said even the cousin and cousin’s children and friends’ children all called her aunty. In her interview on facebook, she tried a lot to tell people about her status in her family and she describes herself as mother in her whole family.

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