Red Sea of Hazrat Musa is found

The rulers of Egypt-known as “Pharaohs” (or “Fir’awn” in the Arabic of the Qur’an)- viewed themselves as celestial in the polytheistic, superstitious religion of old Egypt. During an era when the general population of Egypt supported a superstitious conviction framework over an awesome conviction framework the same time in which when the Children of Israel were subjugated Allah sent the Prophet Musa (as) as a flag-bearer to the tribe of Egypt.

Nonetheless, Pharaoh and his court, and the general population of Egypt as a rule, all around declined to forsake their barbarian convictions when the Prophet Musa (as) called them to perfect religion and the Oneness of Allah. The Prophet Musa (as) uncovered to Pharaoh and his subjects that they ought to keep away from false love, cautioning them of Allah’s anger. Because of this, they ascended and defamed the Prophet Musa (as): They blamed him for being frantic, of being an alchemist and of misrepresentation.


Pharaoh and his kin declined to submit to the Prophet Musa (as) despite the fact that numerous inconveniences were gone by upon them. They declined to acknowledge Allah as the main God. They even held the Prophet Musa (as) in charge of what had happened to them and looked to outcast him from Egypt. In the Qur’an, Allah makes this reference to the Prophet Musa (as) and the devotees with him:

We uncovered to Musa: “Go with Our hirelings by night. You will unquestionably be sought after.” Pharaoh sent marshals into the urban areas: “These individuals are a little gathering and we discover them disturbing and we constitute a careful lion’s share.” We removed them from greenhouses and springs, from fortunes and an amazing circumstance. So it was! What’s more, We granted them to the tribe of Israel. So they sought after them towards the east.

As uncovered in the Qur’an, the two groups met at the edge of the ocean tailing this interest. Allah isolated the ocean and spared the Prophet Musa (as) and the adherents with him, devastating Pharaoh and his kin. This guide from Allah is uncovered therefore:

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