Reality which never Accepted by Human Brain

According to neuroscientists, what magicians do something with the human brain are totally illusions and nothing else. When a magician tosses the ball into the air, it suddenly vanishes from the air is called as illusion. According to neurologist, magicians are devoid from supernatural powers but are considered as masters to exploit human perception.

The fundamental ideas to use the quirks regarding human perceptions and to study about the human brain how it work is said as old method. Multisensory, visual and auditory illusions are those factors in which stimuli of the physical properties are contradicted by people’s perceptions. This is what process that had been used for long time by psychologist.

This process was being used to learn how mechanism of sensory process worked. Talking about the magicians who use these sensory illusions during their tricks but they use most of the time cognitive illusions. In their tricks, they deceive human brain manipulation people’s attention, by getting trains of logic with memory.

Although, it is reality, they have not worked these processes ever by using scientific methods and they have not power to control experiments. As the techniques they use are tested over time, and being perfected practically and executed under high scrutiny by skeptical audience.

Magic techniques are also explained by cognitive neuroscience and according by some analyst magicians’ work also suggest to neuroscientists to use the knowledge of magicians to learn about their different research on different parts of human brain. Talking about the magicians’ tricks, it could play vital role in the researches of human brain memory effects if they considered magicians’ institution during the study.

Moreover, magicians’ institution could play its role in cognitive illusions as it could play vital role to identify the neural circuits during brain imaging. Neural correlates of consciousness could also be mapped by using that method. So after having brief study, it explores on all of us as magicians play with human brain by using different tricks which are directly related to neuroscience.

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