Reality of Ahmadiyya Group originated in British Rule

British Rule gave one of dangerous gift in the form of Ahmadiyya group whose believers called themselves as Muslims. It was the time of British Rule in Sub-Continent when, according to some critics, British government decided to divide Muslims by injecting one another Muslim group with the name of Ahmadiyya. The person who got ready to lead this group named Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

According to some analysts, it is the conspiracy of opponents of religion Islam who do not want to see prosper Islam and they want to crush it from their roots. According to beliefs of group Ahmadiyya, the last Imam which is yet to come according to Muslims, that Imam has come in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. So people who believe this called as Ahmadi.

Talking about Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, he was very genius personality. Before declaring himself as an Imam Mehdi, Iqbal also admired him a lot but after his blasphemy act, he was condemned badly from all big Muslims personalities from all over the world. So British Government was also in search of that person who had good memory with clever attitude.

It was the time of partition of Sub-Continent when this group was generated just to divide Muslims at the time of very important moment when they were busy to achieve their own country from the clutches of Britain and Hindu leaders. All people had started to know the reality of this fake person very soon after his claim of Imamate.

Given footage is also about this case in which one man who is said to be the nephew of current President of Ahmadiyya group and declares himself as a Muslim after reciting the verses which are necessary to recite for new coming Muslims. It is the good news for Muslims to spread and to tell them whose call themselves follower of Mirza Masroor.

At the end, it is considered a gift from British rule which was given to the Muslims of Sub-Continent. But Muslims of Sub-Continent fought very well with this big problem of last century and was considered a big assault on the religion of Islam. Furthermore, in the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Muslims efforts were succeeded when they were declared as non-Muslims and started to count all of them in the minorities.

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