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New York: Jessica Cox is the first armless Female American Pilot who has succeeded to get her license in this category. She was born in 1983 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. She also has earned Black-Belt from American Taekwondo Association. Her disability is attached with her when she was borne due to some birth defect. She was married to her former Taekwondo instructor. She also has got the degree of graduate from University of Arizona.

Time and time again, people’s disability shows us that disability is more perceptual than real. Due to a birth defect as Jessica has not both arms but she has ability to play piano, driven car and even can fly the plane only using her feet. So she declared first certified woman to fly airplane without having any arms. Her name also has become the part of Guinness World Record book.

This Female American Pilot also travelled around the world sharing her story and encouraging others as they can achieve anything in the world if they have devotion to do anything different. First Female American Pilot also has her own slogan and she shares with others as Think outside the Shoe. When she was child she studied dance and gained more confidence. She later went to University and got her bachelor degree in psychology.

She is very unique in her abilities as she is gifted with so many qualities and can talk on phone and have brush in her hair only using her gifted feet. According to her, she says that she never ever says about anything that she cannot do this. But she replies that she has not worked over it. She also says that she also has intention to climb up at mountain and she will definitely win.

She says she always tries to adopt and will carry on doing this in her whole life.  She also praised her parents of her present condition as if they did not encourage her she never got confidence to spend normal way. She always thinks in positive way and says she never ever put attention on people comments but she tries to turn those into positive direction.

First Female American Pilot without arms stuns the people not only in Arizona but also in whole USA as well as in the world. Too difficult to have such great skill to have so many degrees like she has in her pocket as she can dance as well as can fly light-sport aircraft at 10,000 feet of altitude. She also bestows with martial art medal.

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