Real Ghost comes close to couple on road

Real Ghost comes close to couple on road when both were going to somewhere. They were very relax and had no tension when someone was making video of both on the road. During the video, it was noticed as one ghost tried to approach them. It was not done for the first time in the video which was seen by that special guy.

There are also many other video around the world made by different people in which they have shown ghost or demons in the video. In reality, demons or ghost are not visible by simple human eye but the camera technology is the only thing by which they can be seen very clearly.

In the given video, you can see how one ghost is moving in the middle of the road but it was not hitting with any vehicle. It was really not any miracle but all ghost are god-gifted in this matter. They all have ability to hide themselves from human beings in reality.

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On the other hand, they also live in this world side by side human beings but the difference is only this as they have ability to see human beings with their eyes but human beings have not ability to see them. It was the main reason due to which sometime human beings get lot of difficulties from some ghosts and demons.


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