Prof. Maurice Bucaille Converts to Islam in Paris

Pairs: Pro. Maurice Bucaille is known as the most popular scientist of France and is the member of Society of Egyptology in Paris. He did not take time to accept the reality of Islam with the truthfulness of Holy Quran when he saw the dead body of Pharaoh. Before accepting to all these realities, he personally investigated about the dead body of Pharaoh as it resembled with the sayings of Holy Quran. So he had no excuses to reject the reality of Islam and he converted to Islam.

Actually it was the Pharaoh’s Mummy who forced him to think over Islam as Pharaoh was drowned in sea with his all his army men. So it is mentioned in Quran and Quran also gives indication about the Pharaoh’s Mummy. In Quran, it is said that Allah has saved his dead body for the coming people so that they can have advice who do not care to obey to God.

It is notable that pharaoh’s Mummy was discovered from the sea some hundred years ago but Quran had told it fourteen years ago. So when Mummy of Pharaoh was taken in Paris for its matter of preservation where Prof. Maurice was the head of his department to handle this case. After having various analyses, they all were left in the state of astonishment when they saw the same as Quran had said fourteen years back.

After having a detailed history of pharaoh, it clears on us that he came in the world before Hazrat Isa. So Bible is also a holy book of Allah but it also does not give any clue about Mummy of the Pharaoh as it does not have its original shape regarding its context. It has lost its worth due to context missing tragedy. So today’s Bible did not tell complete reality about the dead body of Pharaoh.

So the head of the department of Archaeology Center of France flew from Paris to Egypt to know the reality from a Muslim Scientist friend. As he tried to know it from Paris and other religious cities of France but he failed. As France is considered as a center of Christianity in the rest of world but he could not get satisfactory answers from them.

In short, after departure from France to Egypt, he met to his friend and told him all the story of his presence. He gave powerful proofs to that French scientist from the Holy Quran. He also investigated by his own resources. He found Islam as a true religion and Holy Quran as a book of truthfulness in the end of his investigation. He got mesmerized after reading Holy Quran and converted to Islam having no repent.

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