Private Channel Breaks Surprising News in New York

New York: Private channel news arranged an interview with Steve Emerson for detailed analysis on recent shocking event of Paris. Steve Emerson is very renowned journalist in America as well as in Europe. In his interview with News Channel he unveiled such astonishing points about Muslims activities that left the whole people of Europe shocked including Muslims as well.

Steve Emerson was got too much emotional in his interview while putting allegations on Muslims. He describes that Muslims who are living in Europe not in the control of their governments like in Germany, France, Sweden and United Kingdom. He further supports to his allegations saying this as they has started the system of Shariat Courts in Muslims populated areas in Europe.

The most focused city in his discussion was Birmingham in which he has claimed of Muslim rule. He tells with full confidence about no go areas in different parts of Birmingham where Muslims are living in majority. Police are not able to check these no go areas due to Muslims assertiveness.

In his interview in New York City Steve Emerson claimed that non-Muslims cannot go in the Muslims areas without wearing the special designed attire that is used by Muslims. If any non-Muslim is gone without wearing attire he will be punished by Muslim religious police. He shows disappoint and says he has not any hope of betterment in Europe.

When another news channel approached to Steve Emerson and asked some questions about his latest interview that was broadcasted on private channel of America. But, this time, Mr. Emerson was looking entirely different as he had realized about his reckless statement.

He discussed in detail with the anchor of news channel and said it was the first time in his whole career when he broke the story without verification. He said that he had made terrible and inexcusable error in the history of journalism.

Birmingham City Council has issued statement about this event and condemned the whole allegations that have broadcasted in private news channel in New York by Steve Emerson. They also have given positive gesture to the apology of Steve Emerson. Birmingham City council further added that the whole allegations on Muslims have no reality at all.

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