Prisoner found in Suitcase during checking

Man tried to get out by crawling in the luggage of his lover when she went to meet him. He tried to escape by using the suitcase of his lover which became disclosed eventually. That game had gone up when the guards of Mexico jail noticed somewhat awkward gestures from lover’s side.

According to guards, they noticed as that 19-year-old girl was behaving somewhat nervous while having a black suitcase. She was facing some difficulty to drag that suitcase as it was different when she entered. They further added as suitcase was also showing as unshaped which forced them to stop that girl.

So guards started to unpack the suitcase of Maria del Mar Arjona and they all were surprised when they found Juan Ramirez Tijerina. Actually he was the man who had got sentenced for 20 years in jail for some serious reasons. So his girlfriend was also arrested at the same time.

According to some other resources, they further added as the guards of the prison found the bag very unshaped which also seemed like having some extra in it. It was Juan Ramirez Tijerina who had been curled up inside the suitcase in somewhat foetal position. Now his partner was arrested and waiting for charges.

According to Washington post, the said couple is common-law wife and husband. It is also said as the prisons of Mexico are very notorious due to their ruthless conditions. According to reports one of the wardens was also fatally stabbed while having routine inspection regarding facilities.

According to some of the famous news channel, they report as one another suitcase incident also has been reported in the same year. They further added as one man in Spain also tried to get out from the country while hiding himself in suitcase and caught.

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