Prime Minister in Hospital of Central London

London: The Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron got astonished on the abrupt reaction of Dr. David Nunn in hospital of Central London, the specialist of hip replacement. David Cameron with Nick Clegg was there in Guy’s Hospital of Central London to see his closest one who was at bed for his treatment. They both were busy with the patient when the Dr. David Nunn approached there.

The whole scene was very dramatic as Dr. David Nunn approached in the unit of his patient he got annoyed after seeing the Prime Minister David Cameron with Nick Clegg and asked them to leave the room as soon as possible. It was very curious for the both personalities as they were being treated by the Dr. David Nunn. So they did not argue with him and left the patient room within no time.

Media team was already there and covered the whole breaking news so they did their job nicely and covered the all scenes of leaving the hospital of Central London. It was also said that the day when Dr. David Nunn appeared abruptly was his off day as he had some gardening leave but how he jumped off in that scenario nobody knew.

Talking about the rules and regulation, it is mandatory for every person either for Prime Minister or ordinary one, they must follow the rules. If the matter comes about the health issue, it gets more severe situation than any other else. In hospitals, even the closest ones of the patient have no permission to get access to their patient. They have to wait the instructions of the doctors for the survival of the patient.

In this case, Dr. David Nunn pointed out some people near the patient who did not roll up their sleeves as it was necessary for patient’s health. Dr. Nunn is performing his duties in Guy’s Hospital of Central London as a senior orthopedic surgeon and has done about 1,000 hip replacement operations during this period.

People of London City do not criticize on this issue which was occurred with Prime Minister of UK in Guy’s Hospital of Central London but appreciated the Dr. Nunn. Rules and regulations must be applicable with the same pace on every person either for the rulers or for the subject especially in the matter of medical issues.

David Cameron in Hospital of London City

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