Present Turmoil Condition in Pakistan

Two big processions against present government are depicting the present turmoil condition in Pakistan. People of Pakistan are being forced to think about their country democracy. It seems that our politicians are the big opponents of democracy especially elected ones. The present lethal situation of Islamabad is clearly depicting the real face of democracy in Pakistan. Two leaders are trying to put down the democracy through unconstitutional and non-democratic ways.

One can easily understand the politics of Tahir ul Qadri who visited once in last two years in Pakistan. It can simply be said that he comes to create disturbance and uneasiness in Pakistan. Tahir ul Qadri has lost his too much following due to these foolish steps.

On the other hand, Imran Khan and his company have experience of politics hardly over a decade. They produced good results in this short span of time and have met success with the result of empowerment in KPK. After getting gorgeous victory in politics why Imran Khan is adopting the non-democratic tools to get throne?

Critics have divided to Imran’s movement in four points.

Firstly, if we talk about Imran’s thinking then we must say that he is taking it as the best time to uplift himself as a coming prime minister. ImranKhan is getting strict day by day over his policy and does not want to compromise at all. Imran Khan started his demands with the recounting of votes in the four rigged constituencies that has been evolved into the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief.

Secondly, gossips are spreading around that PTI has been the victim of one man show and is losing the democracy within the party. The question is that is it a collective approach of the whole party to dethrone the elected Prime Minister? We have also listened such rumors from ex-party President, Javed Hashmi.  Hashmi said that it was decided collectively by the party not to march towards PM house. But Imran Khan detoured the party stand after getting a secret message from elsewhere. This step was taken at time when negotiators were very close to finalize an agreement.

Thirdly, the space that has created by Nawaz’s response is very late and showing a lack of decision power. After getting full support of the whole Parliament and the armed forces, Prime Minister have been failed to develop logical approach from day first to coup with Imran’s intimidation.  Retrospectively, if we saw in the past over Asif Ali Zardari’s dexterity who did engaged politically Qadri in better way. But, here, scenario is entirely different and PM did not want to make any decision. He wants to send ball in the court of the Supreme Court, the parliament and military as well.

Lastly, it is also said that Khan and Qadri are running over the script of the Establishment. There are two reasons to support this saying: first, Khan decided to launch a march after one year over rigging that was rigged in 2013 election; and second, Qadri also announced his retreat for revolution at time when Imran Khan called for Azadi march.

Now after discussing issues regarding Pakistan’s present politics, the first thing that comes in one’s mind that what is going on in Pakistan’s politics. If we want to make a strong and firm country like other developed ones. Our politicians need to decide work positively and have to push back the old fashioned tactics to blackmail each other by protesting with some thousand followers. We will have to discourage all these negative ways; otherwise it will set the trend in politics of Pakistan. Even if PM decides to extricate from his throne and Khan comes as PM, it would be very easy for Nawaz’s supporters to give the answer in the same way.

One sector also has consideration that the whole match has been already fixed between military and present government. It has been decided that the Parliament would not have the right to interfere in the foreign affairs with most critical countries like India, US and Afghanistan. Military dramatically wants to tackle all the government foreign affairs by democratic leaders but with the permission of army.

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