Present Turmoil Condition of Girl and Boy Section

It is a natural thing to attract towards girl especially to those who are mentally prepared for this and come out from their homes only to impress boys. Talking about present condition speaking clearly we, socially, morally and from every aspects of life, have been shattered into pieces and going down to down every coming day.

Now we have become senseless and it looks like as our society without any culture and any values. It seems as we are being controlled from any other third party which is unseen but has full control on our whole matters of life like living style of daily life, how should we talk to each other and many more thing which have adopted which are 100% irrelevant to our religion but we are going to stick with them. Why?

Our children are getting out of control and name it as broadmindedness. Especially our girl are becoming the part makeup kit instead of their study and study of our religion. They remain active till late at night and remain motionless when it 12:00 p.m. How ridiculous it is and it seems we are going to directionless society.

Girls and boys feel proud while sitting together without any difference of male and female and give it name of modernism. Mostly both girl and boys talk with other without having selection of words and have no respect for their genders. Girls use those things which do prominent to them in boys and vice versa.

Boys also like to have chat to those girl who are good looking and like to spent time with them without any pause. Mostly, both genders misuse these conditions of comfortableness and started to cheat each other. It is not enough, sometimes it also happens, some girls and boys start to deceive people others.

Given footage is the example of all above description as our new generation is becoming fool by the hands of girls, as when one sister asked her brother to go outside for her shopping he replied in negation due to hot weather and he did same with his mother when she asked him to bring something for tonight dinner. But when he received call from her girlfriend he went out abruptly to meet her.


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