Popular Geo TV show bans by PEMRA

Lately, PEMRA banns to nation’s well known show of Geo TV named Inaam Ghar Show facilitated by Amir Liaqaut. Numerous individuals have quantities of bookings for these sorts of appears yet these shows are as yet running with no obstacle. Individuals likewise give comments against these appears however PEMRA still calm to boycott for eternity.

As of late in the show of Amir Liaquat, individuals have crossed all points of confinement of humankind and morals. Some of the time it appears as the show is not oversaw for the excitement of Muslims but rather for the non-Muslims. As indicated by some genuine religious individuals, the time on which these shows go ahead air, it considers the best time for petitions.

As indicated by PEMRA, the media administrative power bans on this show on the grounds that the host demonstrated a few scenes of young lady which were putting her life in threat by her own. The host of the show did not cut those scenes and appeared on air which was against the tenets of PEMRA.

In the following, one female guest imparted such wrong data to the host which was truly disgusting. As indicated by viewers, they said they had never listen or seen such sorts of foul discussion on air in their entire lives.

At last, the third was additionally exceptionally silly as one member in Inaam Ghar Show was compelled to chasten or say anything foolish in the event that he needed to win a bicycle. Thus, he did it in the ravenousness of bicycle furthermore turn into the primary motivation to stop the show for three days at first. PEMRA additionally shares as it is at first for three days in the event that they didn’t obey to guidelines it might drag out.


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