Poor woman Protests for Life Insurance

For Life protection, a poor woman dissented amidst the street in a bustling day in the city. It was stunning news for every one of the general population who had accumulated there to witness the challenge of the female dissenter. It was a bustling day of the begin of the week, when a lady was seen sitting on the ground before an auto of the Chief Minister.

Her interest was Life Insurance and medicinal protection as well, print media and electronic media concerned individuals became more acquainted with about the news of that poor woman who needed to come there for the sit-in because of the treachery of the area mafia. While answering to the inquiries from the diverse NGOs and media journalists she uncovered that her property was caught by the Land mafia.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/IRCFw

The lady continued accusing a famous area mafia bunch for catching her property. She needed Chief Minister to take a notification on the foul play finished with her. She said that she didn’t have wherever to live and needed her property back with the goal that she could live there and work for the vocation for her youngsters and the family.

Protection of her life, wellbeing and property were the key centered purposes of her challenge. The video of the episode got viral on the online networking and print media too in a matter of moments which made the authorities of the Government to take full notice of the issue. Individuals were likewise concurring with the poor woman who dismisses the feeling of the Government by saying that Justice is given to every one of the general population.

The dissenter guaranteed Insurance of life; wellbeing and property are the real issues which should have been thought about as opposed to the development of the streets and the scaffolds. That woman has not been the main casualty of Land mafia; there were numerous case before this episode where the authorities of the Government did not make any important move.

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