Politicians ignores Human Rights

There are numbers of NGOs with different names around the world with different names and working on different issues related to Human beings. Human Rights are also included in those issues which required too much intention from the world. Even there are number of NGOs who are working on this matter to diminish this discrimination that are being practiced by some strong groups against weaker or to those who are less in quantity.

In this globe, there are number of areas where tyrants are practicing according to their will and have no mercy on weaker but the high authorities of the world like to listen about themselves the world’s power and world’s controller and also claim for spreading peace every corner of the world,. Burma’s recent condition is in front of every person who daily likes to see TV in his bedroom.

If we go through in the definition of Human Rights which should be defined as to give credit to inherent dignity by giving equal and inalienable rights to all member of human family is called as the foundation of justice, freedom and peace around the world. Without these golden principles, there can be no peace anywhere around the world.

After committing disregard and contempt of human rights, the barbarous acts are evolved in the world that outrages the conscience of the whole mankind. Talking about freedom of speech, belief and freedom from fear of human beings, it always remain unseen in the societies that are being faced those cruel acts from some enemies of mankind.

In that time of tribulation when humanity remains in the state of suffering and have no option for its recourse in the form of last resort and to rebel against tyrants and oppression, then rule of law should be implemented to protect human rights just for the sake of development of friendly relations between the nations.

But in some areas it also seems impossible to implement the rule of law to protect the weaker and there is no recourse process seen around them. In the given footage, one politician is encouraging to her voters to be united against one nation that is less in quantity just for the sake of winning election. She had no image of human rights in her conversation but had dream of winning.


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