Plane Crash is reported while travelling to Dubai State

One of Plane crash is reported while travelling to Dubai State in golf countries. According to report, people were travelling to Dubai for annual shopping at Dubai Mall, especially those ones who were waiting for New Year Night in Dubai.

According to reports, plane was in good condition and there was no chance of any bad incident but it was happened unfortunately. People were travelling from European countries to Dubai State for having some fun in the form of different shopping centers in Dubai Mall. Females were in large numbers who were there to get their world call lipstick and makeup stuff at Dubai Mall.

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Female come at Dubai Mall for getting their makeup stuff like Bronzer and lip tint for decorating themselves. American citizens and European Citizens also like to come in Dubai State for getting lipstick, lip glass, Eye Liner, Mascaras from different shopping centers at Dubai Mall.

According to recent reports, plane has no problem with itself before it leaving for Dubai State, but after sometimes, it started to shake badly in the air and perished in the end. According to information, there were many dress designers were in the plane who were going in Dubai State to attend fashion week.




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