PK Movie: Jolted the whole India 

PK movie is going to break the record of earnings not only in India but also in America, England and UAE. Although the Hindu radical elements are trying to ban this movie by putting pressure on censor board but in vain. They have succeeded to stop this movie at some level in India but in the big cities it is on the cinema’s screen.

PK movie has earned more than 500 million till now and has put itself on the top position in Bollywood. This movie also broke the record of Dhoom 3 that was 540 crore. The management of this movie is expecting that it will cross the figure of 600 million in next few days.

Where it is getting fame in the whole country and receiving admiration from all over the world, it is also facing the Hindu fanatics’ attitude. The Hindu Pundit are taking it as an insult against Hindu religion as there are many things in the movie that are unveiling the real faces of so called religious Pundits.

On the other hand, there are also some Pundits who are admiring the efforts of PK movie and are answering the questions of people who are annoyed. In this clip, one Pundit is giving example of another movie named OMG in which Paresh Rawal has also played some disputed role in which he disgraced the Hindu gods like in PK.

Pundit said that Paresh Rawal did not get any problem from Hindu people over his disputed role only because of his religion as he is a follower of Hindu religion. He further added that Amir Khan is facing the whole criticism due to his religion.

He mentions that the whole disturbance is only due to the Muslim actor. He further explained that PK movie is highlighted those basic points which exist in reality in the Hindu religious sector in India.

This Pundit appearance on the big screen shows that had there been a Hindu actor selected in PK movie as hero of the movie there would be no such reaction from Hindu community.

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