Pilots refuse to fly aircrafts

Few years ago, according to one private Indian channel, pilots had denied as they were reluctant to fly stage I aircrafts trainer because of numbers of crashes reported in those days. This news was on aired at that time when one new badge of new coming trainees pilots were very close to get the air aviation academy but they were out of aircrafts to train those new coming officers.

As per the authentication of one private news channel, there could be no example of apathy as in coming two weeks they had new people for training but they had no aircrafts. It was a big question mark on the preparedness of air aviation academy and for those officials who were responsible for all this. It was also stated that the issue arose only because of the crashes of stage I aircraft.

At that time, pilots were fully reluctant to fly that aircraft as they had seen a series of aircraft crashes in the year of 2009. In one aircraft accident, there was one squadron leader and one wing commander who lost their lives in that incident. There was also another tragedy happened when one woman cadet of air force academy could not save her life while in a training session of aircraft crash.

So the major issue was about those new coming cadets who were approaching in air force academy of Hyderabad and according to the news channel they had no training aircrafts for their trainings. Air force resource said that they had reported that more than 100 aircrafts had been grounded due to the failure of their engines in those days and they had no alternative at that time.

Due to bad technical situation of all aircrafts, the pilots had tremendous pressure from their families- sides as they strictly forbidden to fly the risky aircrafts. It was also reported that air force also got recommendations to use the other stage II aircrafts for the new coming trainers which was supposed to be illegal according to the training procedures.

It was also mentioned in the report that they were also facing the vacuum of professional trainers to train the new ones to fly the aircrafts but the situation was too bad at that time. The whole media picked this news with full coverage and tried to awake their air aviation officials to overcome this issue as it was not the institutional issue but definitely was the issue of the whole nation.

Image Source: xairforces.net

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