People of Karachi faced another tragedy of Amjad Sabri

Once there was time when Karachi was taken as post of Pakistan furthermore was capital of Pakistan. It was changed later and moved to Islamabad as a Capital of Pakistan. The general population of Karachi were extremely religious and society too.

Karachi was additionally called as city of lights. It was additionally named as individuals never rested in this city at evenings. Notwithstanding, individuals were extremely religious and social and they always remembered their obligations to Allah. Individuals were prosperous and rich before three decades.

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Sadly, when we see late Karachi and its kin, it would seem that we have come to in abroad. There is no patriotism found in Karachi as individuals have gotten to be childish and self important. They just locate their own particular advantages and that’s it.

In this way, some time ago individuals additionally got free sustenance which was as same as individuals got it by paying cash. Some individuals likewise have seen that Karachi that truly makes buzz with a desire to see that old city which is impractical.

Unquestionably, our new era will be crushed with the landing of new culture. They have begun to confine from their senior citizens when they began to utilize their cell phones and applications. Their contraptions are currently everything for them and res of the stuff; they have no utilization of it.It ought to be halted at legislative level on the off chance that they need to spare our youngsters. They have need to get some diverse way so they can occupy the reasoning styles of our era from western life style to religious ways of life.

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