People mesmerizes to listen about relationship in London

People mesmerizes a lot when they listen about the relationship living in London. Here we are talking about relationship of man and snake in Sri Lanka where both are living like couple. According to news agency, London people were really wondered after listening the story of that snake and man.

According to report, people of London were not surprised too much as they often listen such kinds of cases while living Europe and especially in London. People in London often get such kinds of news which never relates with real life but people in Europe definitely do what they like in their lives.

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According to given story, that man married to snake as he wanted to get back his dead girlfriend. It was really surprised for the people of London. They also listened whole story about that strange couple which are living together.

It was also told to all London people as they are living like family members and also play together while living in the same home and room. People in London also have faced many unique and strange couples but it was really new one for them and they were all getting amazed after listening the story of snake and man.

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