People Mesmerizes by Islam in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf: People of Dusseldorf got mesmerized by Islam and they embrace it with open heart not only by two or three people but in big number of 1250. Yes! It is shocking and stunning news by everyone not only in Germany but also in the whole world including Muslim countries. Dusseldorf is a trade city and also renowned for fashion. It has population of eleven million and is a capital of German State North Rhine Westphalia.  The world’s fifth one premier trade shows are organized in this big city, claimed by management of Dusseldorf.

To preach in the city like Dusseldorf is a big task for anyone that is being done by Muslim scholar named Sheikh Yusuf Estes. He is the name who has produced new waves of Islamic ideologies in number of people not only living in Germany but also in rest of Europe. He is working with magnificent pace and mesmerizing people by Islam.

If we talk about the Dusseldorf and its residents, the people of this city definitely have their own culture and life style to live. So as described earlier about Dusseldorf that is renowned due to fashion, so its residents will also have even a little glimpse of fashion in their lives. Islam says that culture or life style definitely impact on people’s life, so it definitely will be more difficult to convince people to left their religion who are spending their life in such a glamour culture.

It will be rather easy to those who are not happy with their life style or culture or have some financial problems in their lives and they agree to leave their religion. But the people of Dusseldorf who have no problem in their lives mostly and spend their nights in clubs or hotels in Dusseldorf, it will be difficult to convince those ones.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes is putting his efforts to serve Islam as much as he can and in reward he finds people embracing Islam in groups. On the other hand, if we read another report we find only few people embrace Islam in Dusseldorf and told numbers of converters are wrong. If we see the clip, it will also help to understand, only few people come on stage and they embrace Islam.

So it also said that whole people who are attending congregation they are also being counted in the converting people. If it is true it is also not bad one. The efforts of Sheikh Yusuf Estes are appreciable in Dusseldorf and in the whole Europe. But next time, he will have to be careful about his releasing reports on the people who embrace Islam.

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