People Embraces Islam in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf: It is said that there are about 1250 people who have embraced Islam after having one meeting with Sheikh Yusuf in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is the city which is very renowned due to fashion and trading point of view. It is also called as financial hub in Germany due to international business. It is the capital of German State named North Rhine Westphalia. The management of this city claims to manage the trade about one fifth of the whole world regarding premier trade shows.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes is the name who seems very active in Europe to spread Islam. It is too much difficult to convince people to left their religion, especially those who are enjoying all facilities of life and most probably including luxuries. It is difficult to encourage embracing Islam to those who spend their nights in hotels in Dusseldorf or in clubs or anywhere else in Germany.

If we talk about the life style and the culture of people in Dusseldorf, it comes to know that Dusseldorf is also called as fashion city. In Islamic point of view, culture or atmosphere has long lasting effects on the people who are being lived in their culture. So it can easily understand that how it will be complicated for Sheikh Yusuf Estes to convince people for embracing Islam.

On the other hand, if we search out on big search engine about this event we find somewhat different story. It is also said that there were only few people who embraced Islam and the remaining 1240 people are those who have already taken oath of being a Muslim. So here is the big conflict arises about this very big news.

If we see the given clip, we see only few people who come at the stage and embrace Islam. If we read the whole report on this event, it comes to know that people who embrace Islam are not as in numbers as publicized. But it is also a big reality that people are getting mesmerized by Islam in these days not only in Germany but also in whole Europe.

If we talk about Sheikh Yusuf Estes, we must appreciate his effort as he is putting his full energy to serve Islam. Because the big trade hub cities like Dusseldorf are known as very busy cities with its residents. To preach in Dusseldorf city is such a big task and after that to achieve the milestone is another marvelous victory.

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