People are Converts to Islam in London

The sister-in-law of Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair named Lauren Booth converted to Islam in Global Peace and Unity conference in London on 23 October 2010. She appeared in loose clothing with Islamic Hijab and declared herself as a Muslim. The time when she got oath of being Muslim, she shared her experience about the visit of Shrine in Qom, the city of Iran.

Lauren Booth further explained she had taken decision to convert into religion Islam before she visited in that shrine. She shared her experience as she never ever had such inner spiritual feelings and joys before. So after returning from Iran, she took oath of being Muslim. She is also no more a lady of eating pork. She has also started to read Quran on daily basis.

When Lauren Booth had decided to convert she stopped to intake all those drinks that are prohibited in Islam for last 45 days. She also added that it was happened first time in my last 25 years. She told her inner feelings in one of her interview as she got determined to convert. She started to develop some strange feelings in herself and never felt any need to have intake of prohibited drinking.

At the time of her conversion, there were about 25000 people in that conference held in London City who were witnessed. The conversion of Lauren Booth into religion Islam gave breaking news to all media not only in UK but also in whole Europe and America. She also rejected the notions about herself as she would not wear hijab but proved wrong to all those rumors.

She told in her interview, the spiritual feelings which she felt during her visit in shrine she never ever felt before. Although she left that shrine and came in London but those feelings are still with her and she can feel those feelings easily. Before embracing Islam, she always also had tender and gentle feelings for Islam. She also had spent considerable time in Palestine while during her job.

Talking about spreading Islam in London, thousands of people are converting to Islam every year in which most of them are females. According to the Islamic leader, the converts who convert their religion into Islam are only because of negative coverage of Islam. So these people start to take interest after listening about Islam somewhat negative which is found negative at the end.

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