Patient of Psychological Disorder really Do Different

When it talks about the psychological disorder in which people do something different from abnormal ones. This whole results in disturbance which may be both mentally or physically. Talking about the daily routine lives of common people, many people get such psychological disorders from their beloved ones like family members and their own relatives to whom they love the most.

A very similar incident related to psychological disorder happens in Karachi when one son is thrown out from his home by his father. His father blames him to do illegal activities which never did in his life or from any other of his family members. His father also adds as he is proving shameful  for his family and the whole community.

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According to his father, his son was not doing anything positive in his life to build his career so that is why he had to do this with him. On the other hand, due to this behavior of his father and family, the son has become the patient of psychological disorder mentally and physically as well. Such type of patients need a proper treatment from special treatment center but here situation was entirely different.

So, when his family started to treat him in vogue way, he started to spend his time with low character people of his areas and started to disturb other people. So, when it was crossed the all limits of ethics, it was very wise to depart him from his property and family by his father and from everything which his father belongs to. So this decision makes him more psychological patient.

Such patients needs for love and care but this behavior of his father and the whole family made him mad and equal to torture mentally. He started to remain in the state of calmness and used to spent his time in loneliness. But this loneliness made him patient at extent and he made decision to take revenge from his father what he did with him.

When his father died and people buried him in the grave, this patient of psychological disorder decided to dig out his father grave and take him out form the grave. He not only did this but also take his father’s dead body in his home with his family member and tried to burn the dead body. So psychological people may go at this extent if they have not proper treatment.

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