Parents’ behavior Needs to be Reviewed

Now a days, parents’ behavior with each other is becoming serious problem to their children all around the world. It has no more been personal as everybody knows about the present condition of a couple especially those ones who work to run their kitchen. Their behavior has been noted somewhat awkward not only with each other but also with their children.

This problem does not belong any special country or any third world country as it has also become more common in First World Countries. Some cases are appeared in which children are complaining about the behavior of their parents not only towards them but also with each other. Husband and wife relation is very pure relation in this world so both need to take care of it.

Many organizations and NGOs are working with their full energies to stop this practice. Actually in this scenario, most of the time female becomes the victim of her husband and sometimes children are also come in the victim circle. But, in case where both life partner equally run their kitchen and work for their children, they both fight with each other with the same pace.

In this whole process, children are learning from their parents’ behavior which they are doing in their daily routine life. So those parents need some teaching from behavioral institute which can give them behavioral instructions to live happily especially in front of their children. Children learn from their parents what they do in front of their parents. So it is right that parents are the first behavioral institute for their children.

Given video is also illustrating about the behavior of parents who usually remain in confrontation with each other in front of their children. When one family goes to another friend’s home to meet then there is very interesting incident happened in front of them. Both children one boy and one girl start to play each other happily. At one moment, the whole environment change when both children appear in front of their parents.

It was the impact of behavior of their parents which they pick from their children. Both children become bride and groom and start to talk each other as their parents do in their daily routine life. After watching this entire situation both parents get ashamed and have no respect for each other. This simple act of little children lower the heads of elders due to their own bad behavior as they had no expectation of it.

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