Pakistani Rulers in New York

New York: Our beloved Prime Minister stayed one the best hotel in New York when he visited in USA to attend UN meeting. To meet with Barak Obama during his visit was the only reason to select this expensive Hotel in New York because American President was also stayed in that hotel. But our management could not arrange the meeting of our Prime Minister with American First Man.

Media criticized too much to Prime Minister of Pakistan because they used the hotel that had most expensive rates in rest of New York. As he stayed one the best hotels in New York that has more than 8000 dollar for 24 hours which is rated at high level in New York.

During the UN meeting in USA in last year, UN had no issue that was related for the welfare of Pakistani People or State of Pakistan. The most burning issues were related to E-Bola disease and Climatic change of the world. So our leadership had no need to stay in such an expensive Hotel.

Ex-President of Pakistan of the last government also stayed in one of the best hotels in New York on his visit which is also renowned as big five star hotel. Undoubtedly, he was the first one in Pakistani Government who settled this trend to live in expensive hotels.

Our institution named PIA also has its own hotel that is also situated in New York. It is purchased only for this purpose to accommodate facilities our leadership when they visit in America. Gen.Rtd. Pervaiz Musarraf also liked to stay in this hotel.

Our last government President who stayed in one of expensive hotel in New York paid 8000 dollars for one night. This is the one example of our leaders who spend the capital of National Exchequer and have no guilty at their faces at all.

We have no problem of their stay in one the best hotels in New York but we only demand to them that they must think about their Public. They must think about the effected people who have lost their houses due to floods.

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