Pakistani Commandos foiled the plan to Hijack Aircraft 

It was the day of 1998 when the hijacker did his work to hijack Pakistani Fokker Aircraft in which there were 33 passengers with 5 crew members. It was hijacked right at that time when it took off from Gwader Airport right at the time of 5:50pm. The Hijackers started to shout over pilot to enter into Indian Territory but at the same time, PAF had got the signals of this dangerous activity.

Firstly, hijackers instructed to pilot to veer the aircraft toward Delhi but pilot told them the current situation of fuel that was not enough to reach there. So it was the right time when the plan had been started automatically and pilot called to General Manager of Hyderabad Airport after hijacking of aircraft. Resources tell the reality as pilot was totally in his senses and he pretends towards hijackers as they were landing in Hyderabad City of India.

When the plane got landed on Hyderabad at night then the manager of airport switched off all the lights even the markings of the Hyderabad. At late night, hijackers gave permission of engineer Sajjad to have negotiation with authorities for fuel for their onward journey to Delhi. During the negotiation, the whole area of airport had been cordoned off by Pakistan Army personnel.

So, the commandos who were belonged to Haideri wing, 7th Commando of Zarrar Battalion, were got their position and were to ready to face any storming situation within aircraft. During this process, all protective measurements were taken for the safety of aircraft passengers. All lights of airport had been switched off and the roads which were linked to airport also got sealed.

In this whole crucial situation, the SSP and ASP of police department were the first ones who offered themselves as a volunteer to jump in this fire and they went into aircraft in order to supply food and water. So in this way, they started their operation in the plane, though unarmed. They started to distract the hijackers through their negotiation while commandos were getting ready to jump in the aircraft.

Police officers who had entered in the aircraft they started to negotiate with hijackers and said as the Pakistan embassy had been summoned us for their people and they should not be hurt. So in this way, they succeeded to evacuate the children and women from the plane but the males remained in the aircraft. In the meantime, commandoes started their mission while entering in the front side and backside of the plane.

They also parked their vehicles before the plane to thwart it from flying and when they entered in the aircraft, the officers who were already in the plane got vigilant and said Allah O Akbar. After listening the slogan of Allah O Akbar, one of hijackers attacked on official but fortunately he remained safe. Commandoes were succeeded to overcome on plane in just two minutes. So in this way our brilliant and vigilant personnel foiled the mission to hijack Pakistani plane.

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