Pakistani American Software Engineer Introduces Advanced SEO in Lahore

A Pakistani software engineer who was selected by an American company for automating the systems of one of the biggest health science labs in USA has introduced advanced SEO in Lahore. Pakki News resources revealed that Mashal Zia, a distinguished software engineer who is currently working in the USA, has partnered with a Pakistani, Lahore based creative advertising agency, to introduce advanced internet marketing techniques that are more responsive to Google’s quality content oriented algorithms. Eye Apple representatives claimed that they were already engaged in search engine optimization of the company, Mashal was working with. During the process several findings were keenly addressed by both the stakeholders that lead to this initiative of starting the project of advanced seo in Lahore. In a question answer session with Mr Zia he mentioned that there was a time when people used to stuff keywords in their webpages to take a prominent position on the first SERPs of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. But Google’s selection process through its algorithms has evolved over the period of time and improved in a sense because now users get more relevant and comprehensive information.

In a conversation with Mr Zia, he said, “I believes that Google is providing a great service through making the knowledge dissemination free. Now even a poor boy or a girl in a remote rural area having internet access through a cell phone can have access to the limitless information and knowledge. SEO has been misused by amateur people to earn fast money and that affected the users who get incorrect or irrelevant information when search through a query (keywords). With the improved and advanced SEO in Lahore, we will not only give an opportunity to existing SEO service providers to improve their practices but also it will help improve the local content. Soon we will be launching a crash course for teaching advanced SEO in Lahore and we even intend to enroll students free of charge who are passionate to learn but lack financial resources.”

Our Pakki News representative also met with Client Service team of Eye Apple and found that this Pakistani Creative agency is making waves in first world countries through their quality but less costly services. Their creative services include graphic design, video making, copy writing and internet marketing.

Author profile: Irfan Ahmed is a sports news analyst, blogger and a cricket lover.

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