Pakistan Shows Compentency in Defense Technology

It was about two and half decades ago when Pakistani defense authorities decided to enhance its missile technology by all meas. It was the era when every country was enhancing their defense system capabilities as much as possible. In Sub-Continent, there were also two counties that were very cautious regarding to upgrade their missile technologies and defense system that are Pakistan and India.

From the day of independence, both countries Pakistan and India unfortunately could not establish good relations due to certain disputes. So both counties always remain in the effort to show embarrassment to each other. So when one country gets some priority over other then the remaining one tries to achieve this just to keep itself upper side.

Talking about economic conditions of both counties both were never ever able to afford the missile technologies as both countries also had so many problems to sort out but they had to carry this one white elephant of defense technology and taken as need of our. On the other hand, both counties could have some table talks to diminish the disputes from day first in soft ways but it seems as some of foreign powers never want to see this region flourishing and prosperous.

After facing that crucial situation, the Pakistan Defense Authority started to take some serious decisions to upgrade their defense technology in which missile technology was proved the best ones from all of other defense technologies of Pakistan. According some resources, it is said as Pakistan and China engineers are working together on missile technologies and they have had better results in this sector.

Pakistan Defense Authority not only started to work on missile technology but also never forgot to gear up the its technology sector that worked at small level. Our small industry surprises everyone not only in the country but also around the world. They have succeeded to make that special defense technology which used by soldiers but only shows in film sector not in reality.

When this technology was showed in one of festival, it receives lot of appreciation from all the spectators not only from the audience but also from the whole world. Actually this technology was only showed in one of Hollywood movie and had not any concept in reality. But Pakistani scientist surprised everyone by making this defense technology in the rest of the world.


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