Pakistan Air Force One Step Ahead than India

New Delhi: Indian Media is airing the breaking news about Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in which they are admiring the superiority factor of Pakistan Air Force over Indian Air Force. Indian Media has showed braveness to air this news and created an example to show the reality across the border. As both nations have some illusions on which they do not accept each other from the first day of independence.

Now, if we talk about the superiority aspect of Pakistan, we must start it by saying this. Truth and ability cannot be hidden from the world’s eye. It may get down for sometime but not forever. These are those extraordinary things on which even enemies are also helpless to praise. Such praise has echoed from Indian news channel in which they are admitting the capability of Pakistan Air force.

Pakistan Air Force is leading in South Asia by having first female aircraft pilot with the authorization to fight in the battle field. We can say in other words abilities that left astonished the people are not limited to men. Now women in all over the world are going to become the most major part of any country’s progress.

In the video we can see that Pakistan Air Force is announcing the names of those females who have got the ability to fly F7 fighter aircraft. Pakistan Air Force has trained 19-female pilots who are able to fly the fighter aircrafts. But 5 females out of 19 face the final testing phase in which they have to prove that they are the best selections to fly the fighters against enemy at the time of war. Only one female named Ayesha who got the success and announced as a First Female in Pakistan to fly the Fighter in the battle field.

So we can say as a Pakistani nation we are one step forward than India as they have admitted in the video by one of its news portal. Pakistani nation love their daughters and have conviction over their abilities and one of the daughter has proved it being the first female plane fighter in South Asia. Pakistani nation always gives respect to their daughters and encourage them to move forward in every dignified profession of the world.

Pakistani daughters are talented enough and have abilities to reach the apex of any success. In the video we can see that Indian side cannot remain silent over Pakistani one of great success and have to admit the reality and truth.

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