Pakistan Air Force Gets Appreciation in India

New Delhi: Pakistan Air Force has got appreciation by Indian Channels that is very astonished. As world know very well about the bitter animosity of both countries and it would definitely jolt the whole world. To praise enemy or its ability is a great wisdom approach and sign of acceptance to any other nation. It never ever happened earlier to praise Pakistani Institution by Indian Media.  So it will prove a good gesture for both nations as Indian Media praises the Pakistan Air Force.

If we talk about the bitter relations of both nations of Pakistan and India, it will never permit to its institutions to praise any institution across the border. But, we could not live further by adopting this rude behavior with each other. It is the age of 21st century in which the world has got the name of global village. People of the whole world are getting closer and creating the opportunities in the world for the welfare of human being.

According to business point of view, Pakistan or India solely cannot do anything and they are placed by nature at that junction where they have needed to cooperate. India is also using the Pakistani route for its trade in Afghanistan even though having a bitter enmity. So keeping it in mind, there are many other things in both countries that need to have attention to resolve for the secure future of coming generations.

Now coming to the point, Pakistan Air Force has placed itself at top position in South Asia and it has got first female lady named Ayesha who can fly F7 fighter even in the time of war. According to the report, the management selected 19 females for this task and only 5 were selected for the final exam. Then Ayesha was the female who got the medal on her shoulder to fly the fighter even in the situation of war.

Undoubtedly, Pakistani nation is very talented, brilliant and God gifted in the rest of the world. They have proved themselves in all sectors not only in Pakistan but also in the rest of the world. Pakistani females are also played their important role in the progress of Pakistan. Pakistanis encourage the talent of their daughters and give them all opportunities to grow as they desire.

Pakistanis Daughters never ever let down its nation and they always take part to build the nation whenever it needed. So it is the big example of Pakistan Air Force in which one Pakistani Daughter has been the part of it as there is no female in the rest of South Asia. It is the talent, extraordinary abilities and the matter of opportunities which are provided to her to show her abilities to the rest of the world.

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