One Wheeling with Heavy Bikes is Bad Practice

To drive bike at its back wheel of heavy bikes called One Wheeling and is becoming such a serious problem in our society especially in the big cities. The youngsters who are becoming the part of it mostly with the age of 16-25 and in recent years this trend has arisen up to an alarming situation in youth. These youngsters who often called as dare devils are seen on the roads without having any difference of day and night.

Youngsters have assigned themselves the duty of juggling to others but on roads while performing dangerous stunts on the back of their heavy bikes. They lay flat on their bikes while moving at high speed, in standing position and most commonly on the back wheel when the front one remains in air. They run their bikes without silencers and cause to generate noise pollution.

These youngsters often use heavy bikes to fulfill their desires and most of times do not use helmets for their safety. Traffic wardens and police both often face problems due to these heavy bikers who always break the rules and enjoy it. These heavy bikers not only put their own life on stake but also pose some of very serious risk for others.

Youngsters who are involved in this dangerous driving skills often cause a serious interruption in traffic flow. According traffic wardens, they are unable to save citizens from these one-wheelers who even have no ambitions in their lives except to enjoy on roads and to disturb others. According to youngster who is a part of one wheeling proudly says he never ever has faced any harm during one wheeling.

These motorcyclists, who are displaying their stunts on busy roads, must be used precautionary measures like helmet on their heads. Firstly, they should not display these tricks on busy roads by using their heavy bikes because it is not only very risky for their own but also for others who are on their way on the roads.

Given footage is clearly depicting the whole picture what is narrated about one wheel. Anyone can easily examine how youngsters not only driving very roughly but also showing their expertise by one wheeling. One of them did not stop on this but also displaying his extra expertise by having number of his friends on his bike which can be proved dangerous for all their lives.


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