One wheeling is equal to invite death

Off base, one wheeling is equivalent to welcome demise in which our youths attempt to wind up saint and after that turn out to be none after any street occurrence. They do it without knowing the outcomes. They go out from their homes joyfully and return extremely risky stages.

They generally aggravate their families while getting wounds on their bodies or getting passed on in street episodes. There are various cases in which exceptionally solid and young man leaves home and returns with white shroud having no more life his own particular as well as for his folks.

This infection of one wheeling does not have a place with single city or nation but rather it has emitted to entire world. In the entire world, you can see adolescents required in this ailment and they additionally get issues when they perform like double. In all nations where bicycles are took into consideration natives, youths are found in this sickness.

It can be ceased just at government level as Pakistani government demonstrated it in this super occasion of 14 August 2016 in Lahore. Punjab police made it conceivable which began to promote as it is disallowed and guilty party would be sentenced behind the bar alongside charges.

Luckily, the entire occasion has been passed cheerfully and even single case is not documented in any police headquarters of Lahore around one wheeling. Administration of Punjab made it conceivable and centered it because of which our adolescents are spared from getting chased by one wheeling.


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