One Secret about Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the leader in the Sub-Continent who forced his rivals to kneel down before him. These are the only policies that made him unique in Sub-Continent. It was the commitment with the work that he had and he never gave up or surrendered himself against any task. He fought single handedly with all his rivals without any fear. Even all Hindu leaders used to give him respect a lot due to his rightfulness.

They had firm belief that it was Jinnah who could give them a tough time as he proved it. They also tried to merge Muhammad Ali Jinnah into his Hindu party named Congress but he failed. Jinnah also joined that party but after seeing fanatic ideologies he had to leave and closed that chapter. At one time he also left Sub-Continent and flew to London but he again came back and took over all responsibilities.

He joined Muslim League and in a very short time became very prominent representative of this party. It was the only one Muslim party in Sub-Continent that took the task to represent the problems of Muslims. In 1940 when it was confirmed that Muslims of Sub-Continent had no destination but his own country with the name of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah started to work day and night.

After working so hard, Jinnah became the patient of one dangerous disease that was renowned as incurable in Jinnah’s era. So he took it as normal as common disease. In 1945, Jinnah had got the reality about his disease as he had become the patient of tuberculosis. It was considered and treated as life-taking disease as it had no proper treatment at the time of movement.

And the most importantly, it also could not be treated because it had got its final stage. So Jinnah decided having it as secret until he would not be able to get Pakistan. So there were only few people who had this secret in their hearts and they never went against Jinnah’s will. When the secret opened to the rivals after the achievement of Pakistan they got stunned.

Some Hindu leaders also claimed if they had it before partition they could stop the partition process for some years until they had not got the news of Jinnah’s death. In the pages of history, this secret is known as Best Kept Political Secret in the world. Now again Pakistan is seeking for a leader who will clean it from invaders, not from foreigners but by its own corrupt people.

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