One of the Best Funny Clip on Politics

Some boys plan to make funny clip about one of the best political party in our country. In recent days, that political party is losing its fame day by day due to some personal and political reasons. People love this political party too much and want from it something extra in return but in vein.

Yes we are talking about the party of Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek i Insaaf which was evolved in real shape in 2011. It was emerged as a big force in political filed after having its historical procession in october, 2011.  From that day, Imran Khan never saw back and going forward and forward.

Few days back, at the time of first tenure of Union Councils elections, a very big upset arose which shattered the whole party badly. Due to that incident, they could not manage themselves in the whole country and in the end they lost election badly.

Yes, here is the topic about the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan due to which Imran Khan himself became very upset. They even could not come out in public for few days. But, off course, he is the man of courage and symbol of braveness he came out and started to face media and his opponents bravely.

This funny clip is actually showing as this party has lost its fame and has no worth. But, it is not the reality, Imran’s party still very strong and well manged and they are struggling to upgrade their province in the best ways. They also have take very good step to commercialize the guest houses of their ministers.

Talking about funny clip, it looks like as it has made by the followers of any other political party . Off course, this funny clip is also funny in reality as the party of Imran Khan is not as weak as it has shown in this funny clip. It is just very cheap gesture which should not be practiced from both sides.

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