One of Army Officer Sharing his Valor

It was the time of 1990s when this army officer was invited in one of famous TV channel in which he shared the story about his valor. He shared all story with his countrymen proudly and told how he alone pushed back all the opponent army men into their barracks. According to him, it was the best moment of his life.

Generally, people have some extra expectations and viewpoints about the armies’ skills and they are not wrong with these expectations. Army force is considered the sign of valor and spirit and they are respected some different and extraordinary ways by their country people.

Talking about the Pakistani army, it never let down the people of its nation and always proves itself the world’s best army. In recent competition of different army forces around the world, Pakistani army again got the first position and again higher the heads of its nation with proud.

The given footage is also related to that army officer who showed his valor to his opponents who took him very easy and started to move towards him without knowing the strength of Pakistan Army. That army officer was skilled and trained and knew very well how he should treat the enemy.

He shares his experience how he has used his arsenal against his enemies and how he proves himself the best army officer of his army around the world. He used best techniques of fighting during war and never let any of them to move even single inch forward.

According to him, he fought alone against 150 army officers of his enemy and defeated them all badly. That army officer also let them back to some officers to their barracks so that they could tell to their associates about that army officer who defeated them very badly.


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