One News Channel Finds World’s largest Tortoise

One News Channel reports about the finding of world’s biggest tortoise in Amazon River. It also reports about that tortoise age which is said around 529 years with height of 59 feet and weight 800 pounds. This incredible tortoise has weight about 362.87 Kg which is unbelievable.

There were two biggest channels named International Business Times and iMediaThics who reported about this biggest tortoise on November 22nd, 2013. But on the other hand, some resources also claimed as it was false news and had no connection with reality. This newly discovered giant tortoise was never found in Amazon River regarding some other news resources.

There were also many other news channels who broke the news on their channels without knowing the reality. One of those channels also started to share the nickname of that tortoise with its audience which was extremely ridiculous. They also started to spin the stories without knowing anything.

That TV channel further added about the efforts of US military as it supported to seize this monster creature. According to that breaking news, US military also gave that monster creature some prohibited injections to seize that giant creature. Channel also reported about the running speed of that tortoise which 20 miles per hour.

Reporting on the giant tortoise, that News Dchannel also claimed about the tortoise as it had demolished Noto, Japan and got legendary status. In the article, it also mentioned about the residents who claimed about its eyes that glow red at night when it was in water.

This absurd news article of that News channel also claimed regarding the information which was totally wrong and away from the reality. That discovery channel also claimed as that tortoise attacked on Japan’s city named Noto which was also wrong. This whole news became a source of enjoyment after some days and hit the credibility of that discovery channel.

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