One man leavs astonished everyone in UK

One man in UK who likes himself to call magician starts to show his magic on the roads of cities of UK to attract people and he has also succeeded in it. As first of all, he shows some of his magic tricks in front of two girls which are standing nearby church. He started to bend his body backward as he is going down on his bed. It was too difficult for a simple person to do it.

It seems as he is doing it all to impress those two girls which have been impressed luckily by his different magic. While seeing the given footage, it appears as both girls were shocked after seeing that man position without laying on nothing. Off course, it was a tough one magic to do as he was done.

After impressing those both girls, he comes on another road and suddenly he decides to bend his body in air like sleeping person. People of UK were getting fascinated by his tricks who were going around him and watching him interestingly. Many of them stopped there and started to watch him with full attention as he was doing something special to see for others.

It does not stop on just watching to that magician, people started to capture those moments by their cameras and enjoyed the whole situation. In the next step, they started to worry the people of London when he goes in the water and did not drown. It was the high level of his magic as his magic did not let him drown in the water.

People were also very amazed and became speechless after seeing the whole situation. That man left astonished to all his audience who were fully engrossed in him. That man remained in the water for a long time and even walked on the water to prove as he was in reality in water. There were also some boats in water which were swimming near to him.

That man makes many people happy through his tricks and provides entertaining stuff for long time. People in UK or in any other parts of Europe like these tricks very much and appreciated too much. In the end, the all movements which were made by that person are related to tricks not were magic. So they declare over all people do not practice these things at home as they are fully skilled people to do.

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