One Lady insults to Umer Akmal in Oslo

According to one of famous news channel Umer Akmal was being insulted by one lady in Oslo. Off course, it is very sad news for both lovers and supporters of Umer Akmal and for his family. People who have soft corners for Umer Akmal are very upest and angry on Umer Akmal over his unethical gesture.

This very famous news channel also reports as Umer Akmal was there on a special event in Oslo, Norway. Actually, the government of Norway arranged program with the name Play for Peace. They invited to artists and cricket players from Pakistan and India.

From Indian side, Rohit Sharma who is considered very important player of Indian Team, was also invited in Oslo. Mahima Chauhdry was another celebrity there in Oslo to attend that special event related to peace process. There were also many other artists invited who belonged to India.

Talking about Pakistani side, there were also many renowned cricketers invited to attend this event. Misbah ul Haq, Shoaib Akhtar, Abdur Razzac and in the last Umer Akmal, these were four superstars who were invited to play. There were also other artists who were invited on to perform on musical night.

When the representative established contact with the that lady to whom Umer Akmal misbehaved, she told the whole story what she did with him. According to her, she was also there and enjoying the party when he came near to her and started to tease her.

Firstly, she asked him not to misbehave with her but he could not understand the sensitivity of matter. She got fed up due to his unethical gestures and slapped him. He could not restrain his senses and was on the ground. Event management of Oslo was also there and covered the whole situation.


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