One Indian Actor Speaks on Indian Politicians

New Delhi: Naseeruddin Shah is a name in Bollywood Industry who will remain alive until Bollywood enjoys its entity. He has given too much to Indian Film Industry in the shape of acting. He has acted in numbers of films that got too much fame not only in India but also across the border. He is also one of those actors of Indian Film Industry who has worked in Hollywood movies.

Naseeruddin Shah is as famous in Pakistan as he has numerous fans in India of all age including males and females. He also has done a fabulous acting in one of Pakistani movie named “Khuda Kay Liyae” that has remained hit in box office. People of Pakistan love his working style and want to see him in coming movies either it come from Pakistan or India.

Naseeruddin Shah also has visited in Pakistan and received a lot of affection from Pakistani people of all-age categories. He was welcomed everywhere at his visit in Pakistan and he was mesmerized from the Pakistani people after having unbelievable response. He has no bounds of joy and it was hard for him to believe whether it was that Pakistani nation to whom he had listened entirely different.

When Naseeruddin Shah came back to India, he gave remarks while giving his interview to one of Indian entertainment site about Pakistani nation and its hospitality which was too much shocking for everyone. He did not stay on his delivered statement but he moved farther and started to blame Indian Politicians. He claims that it is Indian politicians who are responsible for present resentment and animosity between two beautiful nations.

Naseeruddin Shah further added in his interview that the whole attitude of Indian nation is only due to the politicians who feed the nation with hatred and hostility. He also told about himself as he was also a part of said situation before the trip to Pakistan but now he had been entirely changed. According to him, now it is the time to change our minds and actions also.

Naseeruddin Shah said that Pakistanis give a lot respect to Indian Actors and also love them a lot. He gave reference of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Dilip Kumar. He also expressed his grief about the behavior of his film industry as they did not give respect to Pakistani Actors. But, on the other hand, Pakistani media does not do it in response but tries to make it memorable.

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