One Great Secret of Life of Jinnah

Sub-Continent has been witnessed about the intelligence of Muhammad Ali Jinnah how he fought against his rivals so nicely. He never applied any illegal rules during his politics and played very clean throughout his career. His political career had started when he joined Congress for the first time. At that time, there was only one representing party of the people of Sub-Continent that expressed itself as a representative of Indian People.

Jinnah joined this party just because to develop the atmosphere of trustfulness between the people of both religion (Hindu and Muslims). Furthermore, Congress itself claimed as a full representative of people of Sub-Continent having no difference between the Hind community and the Muslim. After spending some time, Jinnah realized that it would not be proved a better party for the representation of Muslims so he left the party.

When Jinnah left the party, at that time, another party had been come into being named Muslim League Party that was only merged for the Muslims of India. Jinnah did not waste his time and joined Muslim League and within no time got the fame being the member of Muslim League. When he was member of Muslim League, he also left this party due to some bad experiences and went to London.

So Allama Iqbal forced him to go back in India for the better future of Muslims of India. So he came back and started to work using his maximum energies only for the welfare of Muslims. He worked so hard by finishing the difference of days and nights and was started to go forward to achieve his milestone. 1940s was the year when it was decided that the day from now we will strive for separate country of Muslim that would have name of Pakistan.

Due to extra-hard work, Jinnah started to remain ill but he did not notice and treated this illness as a common disease. But he did not get well but after passing time, disease was going to be bitter. So 1945, he found that he had become the victim of tuberculosis that had no cure in that era. It was not appropriate time to announce it about the disease of Jinnah.

So Jinnah elected to have it secret that was later got its name as Best Political Secret of the world. Jinnah knew very well that it would down the morale of the people who were his partners. So there were only few people who knew the reality of Jinnah’s disease. When he snatched Pakistan from the clutches of rivals and it came to know them about the disease. They were shocked and said it could be helpful for them if they had this news before partition.

One Secret about Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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