One Girl of California Drinks Blood

One girl of California is found who loves to drink blood animals as well as human being in USA. According to her as if she counts the bottles of blood which she has been drunk in previous ten years, it will definitely equal to full water of 23 bathtubs. That girl of California is running her business of tattoo making and enjoying her business too much. Michelle feels headaches and gets her behavior somewhat changed when she does not find a glass of blood around her in every morning.

There are many people who have some weird things and get obsessed with them and make those things as they cannot live without those things. Very bad if someone seems to have deodorants for eating purpose with many more which seems odd to share. That girl of California also surprised many people of her surroundings when it echoes about her to drink blood not only animals but also human being.

It would definitely be weird for those who like to have glass of orange juice early in the morning but they find one glass of human blood. Very terrible consideration, anyhow, Michelle is spending her life with other daily routine works and enjoying it a lot. She also has one friend for human blood who donates the blood and gives pleasure once in a week.

Johnson, the boy who is the friend of the girl of California must have some precautionary measurements in terms of life and medical insurance. Insurance companies also do verify about the customers as they are not involved in prohibited and health disturbing activities. Apart from the news, insurance companies do not accept those customers who take part in illicit activities.

According to the girl of California, she has been addicted to this and gets craving as she loved to drink blood while drawing painting, reading books and watching TV. Michelle mixes the blood in her edible things and produces a new taste with it. Soups also get new look in Michelle’s kitchen as it give the taste of salt that is related to taste of wine.

Setting aside all things, this girl of California can judge the blood of man and woman after having one sip that makes astonished to all people. Michelle shares as she has not enough blood of human so she uses about 36 liters blood of pig which makes up her deficiency of daily routine life. She also gives preference to human blood for drinking but did not reject the animal in the absence of it.

Tattoo-Artist of California Drinks Blood

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