One American unveil the story of 9/11

New York: First Armless American Pilot has become the part of air aviation in Arizona, USA. That first Armless American Pilot did not belong to males but from female side. She astonished everybody around the world after getting her pilot license in October of 2008. She can easily fly the light-sport aircraft upto 10,000 feet. Tucson is the city of state Arizona where that unbelievable female opened her eyes in 1983.

She was found disable by birth so there was no way for her to compete with life with her God-Gifted abilities so she did. She also got Black-Belt in martial art after joining American Taekwondo Association. Later she got married with her own Taekwondo Instructor. She also got degree of psychology from Arizona University.

Jassica Cox is the name of that tycoon who leaves the world in astonishment. As this Armless American Pilot was not gifted with both arms but she got the ability for playing piano and to drive the car. She never ever force to anybody to do anything in her favour due to her disability. She also controls her aeroplane through her feet.

She has also visited in the whole world to share her story and to encourage those ones who have same their body condition as she declares. She has become the emblem of success not only for American people but also for all people around the world. She often tells her slogan as she says Think outside the shoe. In her younger age, she also learned the classes of dance that made her more confident for further achievements.

She considers a package of uniqueness as she face no difficult to call by using her own cell phone and to brush her hair. It all is done by using the gifted feet. She says that she always sets her goal to achieve and after achieving those she moves forward. According to her, she also has intention of climbing on rock and she will do that one day without any question mark.

First Armless American Pilot also shared her dreams at the end as she used to see dream as if she was flying in air so she achieved it. She also had some worrisome about being passenger of aeroplane. So she herself got the license to drive that plane in which she ever wished to fly. Such people are considered the Great Capital of the nations and they must be appreciated.


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