One American Singer Confirms about leaving Atheism

Jennifer Grout, an American Singer, 23-year-old stuns everybody after confessing about her converting to Islam. Jennifer Grout is not the only first American Singer who did this. There are also other singers of USA who have embraced Islam. Another American singer named Christian who has also said good-bye to her religion. Akon is another name of USA who has left his religion and become the part of religion of Islam.

Islam is going to become most growing religion around the world. After having some reports about spreading Islam in European Countries and USA, it seems people of these countries have been fed up from daily life and want some change in the form peace. Citizen of America and European countries go in nights club to attain tranquility after getting tired from their work but it did not work for long time.

Only in London City, thousand of British women are jumping into religion Islam. According to one documentary report, only 2 percent Christian people are attending their Church addressing every week. On the contrary, women who are getting embraced Islam are less than 30 years of age. In 2001 census of British government, there were about 30,000 people who have changed their religion into Islam.

Talking about American Citizen, all around the states of America, about 4 million citizen of USA have been merged into religion Islam in last ten years. The Great Muhammad Ali boxer also belongs to USA who has converted to Islam. He announced himself a believer of Islam at the peak of his career. The big reason of accepting Islam of citizen of these countries is considered only due to unnecessary criticism on Islam.

In the given video, American Singer belongs to the sector known as Atheism. She used to hate with religion but after having her fiancé she started to think about religion. Her fiancé is Muslim who tried and draw her attention toward religion. According to her, she was fully influenced by her fiancé’s behavior and style of living.

In the clip, American Singer Jennifer Grout is reciting the Quran Verse to have authority of being Muslim. She later confirmed about that clip as it was a video scene of Moroccan movie. So she also admitted of her embracing Islam. She says that she performs prayer regularly. Now young Jennifer Grout is living and working with her fiancée in Marrakesh.

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