One American Girl having Longest Tongue

To claim having the Longest Tongue from one American Girl like to encroach in the territory of Lizards. That 18-year-old American Girl named Adrianne Lewis claimed about having longest tongue in the rest of the world. She belongs to Michigan, USA and her tongue is four inches long that is awesome. She also proves it by licking her chin, nose and elbow with her tongue and in the end most shockingly touching her eyes.

Her reptile-like feature went viral when she uploaded her long tongue pictures just to have experience what she got response from people. It is also said that her name is going to consider in Guinness World Records if it proves right after checking the previous long tongue record. Right now, the longest tongue award holds Nick Stoeberl with 3.9 inches long tongue.

According to that American girl, Andrianne Lewis, says that she feels as it is inherited ability which she has as her whole family member like great grandfather and grandfather have had long tongues as well. When she was in elementary school she had lot of fun with her tongue and used to give recreation to her friends by having different tricks.

That American Girl said she knew very well about her extraordinary ability and she also decided to show her longest tongue in different on air programs but she could not get response when she was only at the age of 13. She had belief as it did not work as lot of time she had sent three times tongue related pictures to Guinness but rejected.

When she did not get attention from any institution she decided to showcase her ability using the youtube channel. She made her first video in which she showed her tongue related ability which was viewed 250 times a day. So it was the first step toward progress according to her. She did not stop on it but made more videos relating her tongue and uploaded on youtube.

Now she has about 855 followers and getting more famous. According to some resources, it is also said that some unethical movie makers also try to contact her to have work in their movies but she did not reply. That American girl says that she does not notice on such things which have no importance in her life. She is enjoying a lot after having lot of followers.


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