Occupied Zones Need NGOs’ Attention

NGOs are the only hope in the backward countries for the poor that can help them to get out from sufferings. NGOs are working in such a smart way as they are responsible for everything for what happens anything wrong around the world. They have been successful at large level and got their trust rather than governments institutions. They are working on the all aspects of social life like health, education, economic conditions and every part of the life.

The name NGO was used first time at the forum of United Nations in 1945. Numbers of NGOs are offering their duties around the world. Only in United States, there are about 1.5 million NGOs are working. In Russia, working NGOs bodies are about 227000. The chart of NGO encircles all categories of necessitates of life of the poor. The important one aspect that is going to be discussed is about the harassment of females.

Talking about the women’s right, it comes to know there are also so many countries in the world that are devoid of it. Women are still being misbehaving as were in the age of barbarism. In the backward areas of some countries, they are still having reservations on their freedom. Still they need to have escorted while going out for their studies or for any other activities.

Given video clip is reflecting the same picture as discussed in the above paragraph. One girl was molested by one army man. In response, she took on her responsibility and started to beat him on the road. People who were watching the whole matter were also encouraging that victim girl to thrash him badly.

After having full view of video, it would come to know, army soldier had been helpless after committing that wrong deed. Even his other colleagues were also unable to help him to get rid from that scenario. Victim girl bitterly hit him and did not let him go without excusing. Army man had to kneel down in front of her and then she gave him permission to go.

NGO around the world takes up such cases and backs the victim until the aggressor or harasser gets punishment. Victim girl also filed FIR against that solider and army management has released the statement about the inquiry of this tragedy. NGO must take part in such areas where these tragedies can be considered to happen.

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