North Korea is going to be Alone

The behavior of North Korea is changing day by day towards desperation and is going to be alone and does not seem to have full stop over it. Its leader’s rhetoric speech has also become more than worse towards its opponents giving the names of “prostitute”, “pimp” and “spineless” to South Korea, American and China respectively. The year 2014 is witnessed that North Korea has fired around one hundred missiles having short-range capacity in East Sea. North Korea’s anxious attitude may call a big turmoil in the region and it can definitely damage the peace efforts in the whole Korean peninsula. By choosing the way of disintegration, it will not only provide reason to American and South Korea for boycott but also China will definitely become the partner of former two countries.

Now a days, North Korea is facing the worst problematic era by having such a rude approach especially with US and South Korea. Now North Korea is facing the shortage of economic resources, political adversities and the most importantly the sick of isolation in the world. The President of North Korea Kim Jong-un has adopted the policy of being tough and adamant. It seems that the whole administration of North Korea has decided to show its strength to its opponents by having nuclear missiles tests that has been experimented in first part of 2013.

In fact, they have rejected the policy of pressure and sanctions delivering the message to the world that it would not work further. With this aggressive approach of North Korea, it has not only underestimated to US and South Korea but also has created one more opponent in the region in the form of China.

In past, China has given strategic space to North Korea to deal with US and South Korea autonomously without finding any discomfort. Now North Korea also has lost this opportunity from China as well. North Korea also has intervene itself by opposing the military exercises held in April 2014 between US and South Korea and has entered in the opposition block of these two countries. North Korea is giving the reason to justify its allegation over US that it has installed defense missile system with more advanced nuclear assets in Guam.

Now, China has fully diverted at 180 degree and become the part of international community who is putting pressure to charge sanctions over North Korea. North Korea itself is not expecting any soft corner from Chinese side and also does not left any aspect of compromise. It is all because of this growing fact that China and South Korean top leaders have visited in both countries respectively but did not give any single clue to visit in North Korea.

If we analyze the whole scenario regarding North Korean position in international community, we will suggest only one thing to North Korea that it must behave in a decent manner to international community.  Undoubtedly in this global world no one country can survive without coordination with their neighbors especially and with international community commonly. So North Korea needs to have contemplation over its foreign policy to develop its relations in positive row with international community.

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